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            It is my absolute honor to be drafting the first Annual Analysis/Update for our 501c3 Non-Profit organization, Let's Go Recovery. First, let me begin by stating my overwhelming appreciation to our supporters as we continue to serve men and women in their relentless pursuit of Recovery. Our premiere year, 2022, certainly brought its challenges. Still, thanks to the steadfastness and determination of our initial Board of Directors, I am happy to report that our inaugural year was resoundingly successful! 

            Our first significant actions as an organization were procuring, renovating, and furnishing our first sober lifestyle home in Mesa. To date, the Alpha House has been home to over a dozen men on their sobriety journey. This radical and needed space re-acclimates our residents into their new way of life. Relegating to others responsibilities, service, and leadership results in significant visible growth in our residents.

            Beyond the house, we have accumulated over 1,240 service hours, spoken at hundreds of gatherings, and connected numerous sponsors with new sponsees. As we say often...Addiction is the Opposite of Connection. We will continue to drive our organization with that mantra in our minds as we accelerate into the following year.

            Exciting additions on the horizon pending development include an interactive website, a high-performing podcast, increased connections, and a revolutionary recovery app. Of course, our lofty expectations require the instrumental financial support of our individual and corporate sponsors. It is crucial for all of us at Let's Go Recovery to keep our program and resources accessible to our members. That only happens because of commitments from people just like you!

            As 2023 unfolds, our quarterly need is $38,960. That amount will allow us to ignite ongoing positivity through our existing, developing, and envisioned project divisions. We appreciate your recognition that Recovery happens when we step into Action!

Thank you in advance for your gifts and support.


Tracy Tingue, Founder                                                                                                                                                      Let's Go Recovery    

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